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WestPac Labs Coverage Map

About WestPac Labs

WestPac Labs, a Sonic Healthcare USA clinical laboratory, is based in California, boasting an unwavering commitment to our clients and patients through the expertise of our Medical Leadership. We have a network of three clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories located in San Luis Obispo, Bakersfield, and Santa Fe Springs with over 50 conveniently located Patient Service Centers.


Our Mission

WestPac Labs’ mission is to deliver accessible, accurate, and timely diagnostic information with the utmost integrity and professionalism. The well-being of our patients is our highest priority, served by operating as a collaborative healthcare partner under the guidance of our Medical Leadership. 


Specialty Expertise

  • Comprehensive Clinical Pathology

  • Anatomic Pathology Services

  • Expansive Esoteric Testing Menu

  • Molecular Infectious Disease Testing

  • FNA/Cytology/Pap Tests

  • Women’s Health

  • Endocrinology